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A contract may also be null and void due to the impossibility of performing it. For example, when a contract is concluded between two A&B parties, but the object of the contract becomes impossible during the performance of the contract (due to acts of someone or other parties), the contract cannot be enforced in court and is therefore anniged. [3] An unincluded contract may be a contract in which one of the terms of a valid contract is missing, for example. B in the absence of contractual capacity, the contract may be considered null and void. Indeed, this means that a treaty does not exist at all. The law cannot impose a legal obligation on one of the parties, in particular on the disappointed party, since it is not entitled to protective laws insofar as they are contracts. 6 1. AGREEMENT TO LIMIT MARRIAGE An agreement to restrict the marriage of a person other than a minor is null and void (§ 26). Everyone has the freedom to get married. A person is not legally obliged to marry, but an agreement that prevents a person from not marrying is contrary to public order and is illegal and therefore unassed. 2. UNCERTAIN AGREEMENTS Article 29 provides that an agreement the meaning of which is not safe or secure shall be null and void.

If the text of the treaty is not clear, it is not possible to read the precise intention of the contracting parties. Therefore, a sales agreement at a preferential price is null and void for reasons of uncertainty. Similarly, for reasons of uncertainty, an agreement to pay the rent in cash without the rate being definitively fixed is unfounded. 12 REASONS INVALID OF A CONTRACT- Superimposed impossibility – Subsequent illegality – Refusal of a contract punishable by compensatory measures – If the occurrence of an event whose contingency is the possibility of possible contact is 94. AGREEMENTS LIKE PARI (SECTION 30) A bet can be defined as an agreement to pay money or money in the event of a particular uncertain event. Betting agreements are therefore not valid. ESSENTIALS i) Must be a promise to pay money or money. (ii) the undertaking must be subject to the occurrence or absence of an event. (iii) Must be uncertain about the event that may be past, present or future. (iii) Must be two parties and the loss of one must be a gain of the other. iii) Must be a common intention to bet at the time of the agreement. 11 DISTINCTION BETWEEN NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-REFUNDABLE CONTRACTS Is valid when concluded, but subsequently becomes inapplicable for certain reasons.

A contract punishable by compensatory measures becomes questionable at the choice of the victim and therefore remains valid until such a resignation has occurred. 7 3. AGREEMENT TO RESTRICT TRADEAn agreement to deter a person from exercising a profession, activity or legal activity of any kind is in this regard (Article 27). All trade agreements, whether general or partial, qualified or unqualified, are void, subject to the exceptions provided for in Section 27. EXCEPTIONS A) Legal exceptions (i) Sale of goods [Article 27]: when selling goods, the seller may agree not to engage in similar transactions within certain local limits as long as the buyer carries out similar transactions there, provided that such limits are deemed appropriate by the court. . . .