Tower Space Lease Agreement

This type of rental is used when a carrier wishes to use the mobile phone mast and ground space on an existing mobile phone mast already owned by another mobile operator or tower company. This type of leasing of the tower usually does not concern the principal owner of the land, unless the owner of the land is also the tower company or the developer. This is a typical rental agreement between a mobile operator and a property owner. The contract to lease the mobile mast determines the amount of land provided for the construction of the cell site and the contract allows the mobile operator to access and leave the rental area. In dense urban areas, where there is no land available for a traditional tower or where there are very few roofs available, mobile phone rents will obviously be higher. For example, a city like San Francisco has some of the highest mobile phone rents in the country. On average, property owners in the city of San Francisco can count on mobile tower rental rates of about $3,000 a month, almost double what you could get in a city like Los Angeles. If you sign an agreement that will affect your property for decades, it is best that you receive competent support. Take advantage of our valuable knowledge and recommendations. If you have a wireless mobile operator to build a mobile phone mast or cell on your land, this can be an exciting opportunity, but it is important to thoroughly check every step of the way. Trust me, but check it out. The carrier has hired professionals who have already negotiated hundreds or even thousands of wireless leasing contracts.

Landowners are at a serious disadvantage and are trying to negotiate for themselves. These structures are generally located on real estate owned by either an individual or an organization and, as such, the carrier must enter into a lease agreement to install its transmission equipment on existing structures. Unlike an extension of the lease, an additional basic lease involves leasing an entirely new land to a separate organization. Once this lease is concluded, the new developer will install its own equipment on the land so that they can use the existing tower, which is currently part of the original base mile. The proposed rental numbers have a mobile tower rental agreement It is not uncommon for an owner to receive contact from a wireless carrier or business tower representative and downplay the significance of the proposed changes. Even if they are proposing a change to your lease, you should still exercise caution. Praise us for our experience. A mobile phone rental contract is an agreement between two parties: an owner with a place to install mobile equipment and a mobile operator such as AT-T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint. Sometimes there is an agreement between the owner and the tower company, such as American Tower or Crown Castle. The agreement authorizes the mobile operator to operate devices on the landowner`s land for rent.

The right of First Refusal clause is an important topic that often appears in tower leasing contracts. Over the past thirty years, mobile operators have developed sneaky and intelligent ways to use their size and negotiating positions vis-à-vis ignorant homeowners. It is one of those clauses that they infiltrate to severely restrict the property rights of a landowner. Owners who accept this term will only feel the effect of the clause when an event occurs with their property. So almost all owners regret having included it in its mobile tower rental contract. With our expertise and decades of experience in the wireless industry, we will make a difficult deal that will give you the highest rents you can negotiate for a mobile tower leasing.