Sudan Peace Agreement 2020 Pdf

Peace Agreement for Sudan signed in Juba on 3 October 2020. France urges the armed movements that have not signed the 31 August agreement to enter into negotiations with the Sudanese authorities in good faith and to contribute to the reconciliation efforts undertaken among all Sudanese in the context of the ongoing political transition in the Sudan. The peace agreement between sudan`s transitional government and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), a broad alliance of armed and other movements, and Minni Minawi`s Sudan Liberation Movement is not yet complete, as it did not include two other major armed movements. The President of sudan`s Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan (left), South Sudanese President Salva Kiir (centre) and Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok (right) welcome those gathered in Juba, South Sudan, for the initialling of Sudan`s peace agreement. Photo by AKUOT CHOL/AFP about Getty Images. What may differentiate the Juba agreement is that Sudan`s transitional government with civil responsibility is striving to achieve peace, justice and democracy in accordance with the objectives of the revolution; That the agreement was negotiated between the Sudanese themselves, with a slight touch of South Sudanese mediation and reserved logistical and technical support from the international community; and that much of the negotiations took place between former comrades, in stark contrast to the confrontational atmosphere that prevailed during the Bashir era. To achieve a comprehensive peace, other armed movements must be embarked, in particular those led by Abdel Aziz Al Hilu and Abdel Wahid Al Nur, both of which have significant territories, armed forces and support (in both regions and in Darfur, respectively). Juba`s negotiations with Abdel Aziz were stalled because of his demands for a secular state or, if not, the right to self-determination, but he has now reached a preliminary agreement with Prime Minister Hamdok on a follow-up. The peace agreement reached in Juba is a historic milestone for the Sudanese people in their quest for a peaceful and prosperous country. IGAD congratulates the Sudanese government and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front for reaching a historic peace agreement for the good of the Sudanese people.

The Sudan has a unique opportunity to welcome the democratic transition, but there is no room for complacency. Comprehensive reforms and a united democratic front will be the key to peace, freedom and justice, as will persistent international pressure. It is IGAD`s sincere hope that other armed and non-signatory actors to the peace agreement will soon join their brothers and sisters in ending the suffering. It is essential that all Sudanese participate in the future of their country and contribute to the well-being of their country. The agreement is the result of nearly a year of hard work in Juba and is broad in scope and addresses the fundamental issues of the Sudanese crises in Darfur, both regions and other marginalized regions, but in a mix of regional and national protocols. It contributes significantly to the realization of the vision of a democratic „New Sudan“ based on respect for the diversity of the Sudanese people and equal citizenship, without religious, ethnic, cultural or gender discrimination. With the economy having melted due to the economic mismanagement of bashir`s regime, COVID-19 and unprecedented floods, the search for resources to implement the peace agreement far exceeds the resources of the financially troubled Sudanese government. . .