Ses Agreement

4.2. A party may terminate the relevant party of the notification to the other party by notification to the other party if a service event continues for 30 days or in accordance with point 6.1 or in any situation unrelated to the service, if the other party has violated an essential clause of the agreement that is not fixed or is not fixed by the other party within 30 days of your notification. If a party does not make this right of termination within 30 days of the day it is resurrected for the first time, it expires. 5.2 Included. The agreement does not limit or exclude any liability: (a) „law“ that cannot be excluded or limited by law (for example. B, liability for fraud, death or injury caused by negligence); or b) obligations arising from non-compliance with clauses 2, 3, 4 and 5.5. 3.1 Financial Services. (a) charges: (i) all amounts earned under this agreement, without deduction or withholding (except under applicable legislation), from our bank account in the currency indicated in the tender, even if you cause a delay in transmissions or if the service is suspended in accordance with points 4.1 (a), b) or c); and (ii) interest on late payments of 8% per annum until we receive full payment, without prejudice to our other rights. We may place your payment (including warranty) to pay us or our group the amount owed and to be paid by you or your group. (b) You are responsible for any tax on our provision or use of the service and you must pay us any additional amount necessary to ensure that we receive the same amount if no tax has been paid. With the new agreement, Canal will work on long-term satellite capacity agreements with SES, as the two companies announced on Thursday. The agreements will cover three orbital positions, serve more than 10 million subscribers and increase the guaranteed backlog by more than $268 million.

The renewal of the contract runs until the end of the decade. 6.6 Applicable legislation. The agreement is governed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with Dutch law. All contractual or non-contractual disputes concerning them or their training are ultimately settled by arbitration in English, according to the rules of the Dutch Arbitration Institute (NAI), by an arbitrator appointed under these rules.