Landlord Tenant Agreement Nl

As an owner in the Netherlands, you must comply with several rules and obligations, such as.B. Provisions: The lessor can only terminate a lease contract for an indefinite period on the basis of one of the reasons for termination of Article 7:274, paragraph 1, of the Dutch Civil Code. The notice period for a lessor is at least three months. Each year, when a tenant rents the house, the notice period is extended by one month. The notice period is no more than six months. If something needs to be repaired in your home, but your landlord does not react or refuses to solve the problem, there are certain steps you can take: if a tenant does not take over his property, the property can be sold, the product being reimbursed at the owner`s expense, and compensation to the owner, as the manager dictated. The rest of the money must be given to the manager with a written statement of account on the sale and distribution of the product. The director must keep these funds in detention for the tenant, but if they are not recovered in a year, they go to the consolidated income fund. Home of Orange uses leases and general regulations established by Hielkema Lawyers in Amsterdam. It`s a sense of security! Termination for disturbance of peaceful enjoyment If a tenant intervenes in the peaceful enjoyment of a lessor or other tenant, the lessor may terminate the termination in writing to take effect no later than five days after the notification date. Termination in exceptional cases A tenant may terminate one month in writing with evidence in certain circumstances. These include the resident`s illness, the decreased tenant`s income, the health of a person who has provided financial assistance for the payment of the tenant`s rent, the poor health of a family member if the tenant is required to reside with that family member, the tenant who has been admitted to a care home or the tenant who dies. Note all damage such as holes, scratches and burns.

The landlord and tenant should then sign and keep a copy of the inspection report. It is recommended that both parties take pictures (the date stamped) before starting the rent and returning after the denial of the rent. When the rental period is over, you and the tenant should also conduct an out-of-date inspection. When a fixed-term lease is entered into for a lease term of more than two years, other rules apply.