Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Software License Agreement

The software and all authorized copies made by the customer are the intellectual property of Adobe Systems Incorporated and its suppliers. The structure, organization and source code of the software are valuable business secrets and confidential information of Adobe Systems Incorporated and its vendors. The software is protected by law, including, but not limited to copyright laws in the United States and other countries, and by international treaty provisions. Unless expressly stated, this agreement does not grant the client intellectual property rights over the software. All rights not expressly granted are reserved for Adobe and its suppliers. 16.1.3 Nothing included in this Agreement (including Section 4.4) limits any non-revocable right to decompile the Software that may be acquired from the Customer under applicable legislation. For example, if the customer is in the European Union (EU), the customer may, under certain conditions set out in the applicable law, have the right to decompile the software if necessary to ensure the software`s interoperability with another software, and the customer first asked Adobe in writing to provide the information necessary to carry out such a function. Adobe did not provide this information. In addition, such a decompilation can only be made by the customer or any other person authorized to use a copy of the software on behalf of the client. Adobe has the right to set reasonable conditions before providing such information. Any information provided by Adobe or received by the Customer, as it allows, may only be used by the Customer for the purposes described above and may not be transmitted or used to third parties to create software substantially similar to the expression of the software or used for other acts that violate the copyright of Adobe or its licensees.

Creative Cloud for Education licenses offer the ability to authorize software on a given computer instead of a designated user or with a serial number. Users never need to log in or enter a serial number to use the software. Licenses are linked to computer presentation pools that are created automatically when you order products. If your organization`s license type changes, your end-users must unsubscribe and re-register with the same login information to keep working. A historical method of licensing that is not related to a single user, but to a particular computer. This licensing method is suitable for a very small number of customers and can be used, as in the case of the designated license, to create pre-conceded packages that are provided remotely. 16.10 Contribute Publishing Services. Subject to the end-user license agreement for the Contribute Publishing Services software that contributes to this software, the customer is not allowed to connect to the Contribute Publishing Services software, unless the customer has purchased a license to connect to this publishing services software contributes to anyone who can connect to this contribution publishing services software; provided, however, that trial versions of Adobe Contribute software can be installed in accordance with the end-user license agreement of The Contribute Publishing Services software and that they can be connected to the Contribute Publishing Services software.